Activity Recreation Software For Long Term Care

The Key To Your Activity Program’s Success

Software programs may claim to give you more time with your residents, but very few programs can say that their systems will fundamentally change the quality of care and life for your residents.

At ActivityPro, we believe that spending more time with your residents is important, but just as important is the ability to measure resident success in your activities. By giving LTC facilities the ability to improve their limited time with residents, we are helping improve the quality of care… not just giving more of it.

ActivityPro quickly helps you:

  • Record resident participation rates
  • Assess quality of resident engagement
  • Document resident self-directed engagement
  • Create individual resident assessments
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Provide residents highly personalized care
  • Create alerts for early warnings of resident involvement or functional decline
  • Validate residents’ successes
  • Quickly modify activities
  • Assess quality of individual activities, or the entire department (CQI)
  • Conduct comparators across multiple units or homes
  • Adjusting for best practices
  • Integrate tracking of resident therapeutic and restorative scores
  • Increase your efficiency and improve residents’ quality of life in your nursing home

By integrating ActivityPro into your facility, you will help create a better Activity Program. But the benefits go beyond improving Activities to more effectively impact the quality of life for your residents:

  • Share individual residents’ assessments based upon their quality of engagement with other disciplines to help identify successes, challenges and interventions
  • Share assessments with residents’ families to keep them well informed and aware of their loved ones’ lives in your home
  • Compare activity successes and challenges between units – improve from within
  • For multiple homes, develop a “best practices” approach – easily find areas of success and apply them to other homes.
  • Stay ahead of the expectations of governing bodies – go beyond compliance to setting new benchmarks of quality and success in resident care practices.

ActivityPro is a web-based software platform, so all you need is a computer with an Internet connection. Using ActivityPro is easy and intuitive, but we also offer several levels of support to help you take advantage of all its features:

  • We assist with initial set up and system orientation
  • A comprehensive user manual is provided
  • Phone support for the first month and additional support is offered should you require it.
  • An advanced ActivityPro training program to take your Activity management to a new level.