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ActivityPro is completely web-based. This means you no longer have to worry about back-ups, where you left your notes, saving excel files on your computer or making sure Activity plans are available to all staff. ActivityPro does all this and more while making your department staff look like superstars.

No More Adding Up Numbers and Calculating Averages

ActivityPro does all this in the background and gives you reports when you need them. Everything is automated. Use the time you’re going to save on paperwork to do the things you really love about your job.

What else do you get with ActivityPro?

  • Support. Phone and email support ready to help you.
  • Web-Based. Use ActivityPro on any Internet-Connected computer.
  • Save Money. Save time wasted with manual calculations and documentation.
  • Respect. ActivityPro lets you show how professional and organized your department can be.