Jennifer Hill
Activity Programs and Services Director
Dundas Manor

A company that appreciates and uses feedback; Is innovative and supportive!

I have worked in Long Term Care for 30 years, my whole career. Inspiring happiness and joy through meaningful programs and engagements is what we do each and every day in our cozy country home.

For many years we have used ActivityPro. During this time, the program has evolved and continuously improved.

ActivityPro has dedicated professional staff that assist us to ensure we are properly monitoring participation, engagement and making sure the right residents are at the right programs.

Recently, we have embraced the PointClickCare Integration, the ActivityPro Calendar, Volunteer Module, and the Family Portal to name a few.

ActivityPro has so many features that keep us on track, organized and good data at the run of a report.

Ron and his team have nurtured and grown a company that appreciates and uses feedback, is innovative, supportive and that we are proud to be a part of.

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