Enabling Leadership in Recreation Programming

Resident fulfillment, family connectivity and recognition for staff and the organization.


► Recognition as a leader in recreation programming.
► Gain insights to support your recreation team’s goals.
► Enhance family connectivity – reduce concerns – improve satisfaction.


► Reduce documentation time – more time with residents.
► Save time managing, proving, and communicating what you do.
► Prove you make a difference in the lives of your residents.


► Residents’ positive feelings of self worth and desire to stay active.
► Family awareness of resident involvement and happiness.
► Provide comfort to families, knowing the quality of care.


Quality of Engagement

Go beyond “active” by measuring true quality of resident engagement.

Personalized Resident Care

Proactively measure each resident’s success and receive early warnings for residents at risk.

Prove Activity Success

Validate which programs are working and match programs to individual residents’ abilities and interests.

Government Reporting

Save time extracting the data you need to report to your government or health authority.

Multi-Home Ready

Powerful comparative tools and reports to identify successes and challenges, and develop best practices across your organization.

Web-Based Secure Platform

Connect your computer or tablet to our secure HIPAA & CIHI compliant service.

Create Calendars

A sophisticated interactive calendar feature that is easy to use and allows you to quickly customize and print calendars for different home areas.

Family Portal

Give families access to family oriented activity reports, calendars, and photo sharing – family managed, no extra work for you!

Today’s Activities

A quick snapshot of today’s activities at your fingertips on the dashboard helps you easily view/record your programs and plan your day.

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Getting Started is Easy!

Software programs may claim to give you more time with your residents, but very few programs can say that their systems will fundamentally change the quality of care and life for your residents.

Customized Implementation

At ActivityPro we understand that one size does not fit all! We work closely with you to understand the unique needs of your home and set up the program for your specific requirements.

Training & Support

Watch our onboarding tutorial video, access our comprehensive user manual, or utilize our extensive FAQ section. We provide email and telephone support during regular business hours all included with your subscription. Customized training program options are also available.

Activity Recording & Scoring

Start recording and scoring your resident engagement in our user-friendly, easy to follow web-based software. Our system makes attendance tracking and documenting quick and easy so you have more time on what matters – being with your residents.

Measure & Track

Reporting has never been this easy! Whether you are looking for detailed resident reports, monitoring success of specific programs, or assessing your resident at risk reports, you will find ActivityPro’s reporting capabilities easy to use and actionable.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“Revera recognized the potential this application has in advancing our programming practices beyond all legislated requirements, and further driving person-centred programming…” (read more)

Krista Griffin
National Director,
Recreation & Rehabilitation

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

“ActivityPro is an excellent computerized charting system that collects and organizes resident participation levels and various therapeutic recreation activities offerings…” (read more)

Jenna Sweet
Life Enrichment Director
& Volunteer Coordinator

Jerome Home
New Britain, Connecticut, USA

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