Darla Spiry
Recreation and Rehab Manager Volunteer Coordinator and Bus Driver
Columbia Garden Village, Ivy House

The Data We Need for Family & Resident Care Conferences

“Our company has been using Activity Pro since the spring of 2019. I love that we can now track recreational and rehabilitation activities for our Residents in long term care. 

The tutorials are wonderful and informative from ActivityPro. Ron has provided us with in-services, which are most helpful.

Alex, Luke, and Danae, the ActivityPro helpful staff, are consistent and knowledgeable. 

Any questions I have they are able to answer, or to find out and get back to me.

I love that all the data is compiled and able to view for family and Resident care conferences.  I have even saved pdf and sent the data to resident physician for perusal, which is helpful for sudden changes or improvements for convalescing Residents.

In years past, we had to use paper to document activities, a standard from, which did not fit with all Residents.  The reports were filed away for 7 years in a box, and no one could view them. Now we are able to view and forward the ActivityPro reports to other Recreation Therapists and Activity Directors in facilities when transferring Residents.

Now, we are able to view “generalized” activities, and “ self-directed”  goals. When we create care plans in ActivityPro, we can fit the areas of individual interest correctly, rather than generalized greater population activities for all 34 residents. 

Our family members enjoy being able to see what their loved ones are doing via the Family Portal, especially during COVID when the families could not come in. 

The Volunteer area is wonderful, easy to track when Volunteers are coming in to give their time each day/month. 

I love ActivityPro and all the support and services you have to offer us in Care Homes!”

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