Advocating Your Quality(ies)

YOU know how valuable your work is – but does everyone fully appreciate what you and your staff are providing in terms of care and stimulation for your residents?

At ActivityPro, we are committed to providing recreationists with the resources and tools to support you as vital, caring professionals.

We recently provided the Recreation Professionals of Ontario with a training session on effectively advocating on behalf of your residents, your programs, your department and you! The concepts in this presentation provide the tools needed to present your evidence-based documentation in ways that reinforce your professionalism and commitment to your role.

The Fundamentals
There are two keys to communicating the impact you are having in your Home or organization, with maximum success:
1) Knowing WHAT message you should be communicating
2) Deciding HOW to communicate your message such that it resonates with the other person
Determining the WHAT to communicate, and the HOW to communicate, requires adjustments in our perspective. Instead of thinking like a recreationist, if we think from the perspective of the person we are communicating with, the message is more likely to “stick.” By asking what is most likely to resonate, what is most valued, what is most meaningful to the other person, you will gain clarity as to the WHAT and HOW of your messaging.

In this session we provided ideas and actual strategies for maximizing the impact of your communication – the WHAT to say and the HOW to say it – in scenarios such as:
• sharing programming successes with residents or families
• demonstrating the impact you are having in the Home to other disciplines,
• seeking support from your administrator
• confirming the impact of your programs and interventions to an inspector

For the specific communication strategies and examples, take a few minutes to review the key slides from the presentation, and start advocating your quality(ies) even more effectively!

Click here to download the PDF.

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