Be the “Star” at Family Care Conferences

Resident care conferences with families represent a fantastic opportunity for you to really show how great your home and Recreation Department are doing in terms of meeting the needs and responding to the interests of the resident.

When families attend the “annual” multidisciplinary care conference, the other department may primarily focus on information and data from the previous quarter (3 months). For Recreation, you want to have that information on hand, but more importantly, having details from the previous year provides the family with a more complete picture of the resident’s participation and successes.

With this in mind, we suggest the following:

  • Print and provide the families with a family-friendly handout showing the resident’s participation levels for the past year.
    • For ActivityPro users, print a copy of the “Resident/Family Report.”. This is usually a care conference showstopper the first time families see what you have documented relative to the resident’s participation.
    • Be prepared to highlight and explain each of the measures, and to explain the engagement score.
    • For reluctant engagers, providing data as to how often staff attempted to engage the resident is also important.
    • When using a program such as ActivityPro, focusing on the “Reasons I did not attend” emphasizes that you and your staff have not forgotten the resident, and that you are still trying!
  • Having a more detailed report available, with a full year of data, will include specific data for the past quarter, and is important for responding to any questions that the families or other disciplines might ask. Be sure to have any notes or documentation that was made during the year as well. If you are using ActivityPro, print the resident’s “Resident Multi-Month Participation” report for the full year, and this information will be at your fingertips.
  • If you are using a web-based software program such as ActivityPro, bring a tablet or laptop, just in case you need to dig deeper into your records to explain or highlight the resident’s engagement.

Your recreation programs represent so much of what makes residents “feel good” about living in your home. Providing these details at care conferences helps to reinforce for families how your programs are providing residents with a wonderful living experience, which results in positive customer responses, and demonstrates how valuable your recreation programs are in the care process.

To learn more about how ActivityPro can help you shine at your family care conferences please call us toll free at 1-888-898-0098.

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