Activity And Recreation Consulting For Long Term Care

Facilitating Change – With Proven Results in Long Term Care

At ActivityPro, we believe in the value and importance of the Activity/Recreation Department in any care center. The Activity/Recreation program of a home represents the lifeblood of the home to most residents and family members. It is through the Recreation department that most residents and loved ones see and experience the home. This is also how they evaluate the care and commitment of the home.

ActivityPro provides consultative services to help Recreation programs at three fundamental levels:

  1. Achieving Excellence: Whether your home has good, or even great activities, sometimes it takes a little push to achieve the recognition that great programs deserve. Our consultative services can help your Recreation Department realize the acknowledgment of greatness through enhancements to good programs, and strategically promoting the strengths of your programs.
  2. Overcoming Blockages: When Activity programs or Departments are struggling with challenges, ActivityPro consultants can help. We can help deal with programming that is out-of-sync with the resident population, develop activities to address the special needs of unique clients, or give you the tools to improve damaged relationships among staff.
  3. Setting New Standards: By maximizing the full potential of working in a computerized ActivityPro environment, we can assist your organization in its efforts to be recognized as a leader in developing new insights and standards of care in Recreation. Through the evaluation of data and the development of empirical, evidence-based research, program efficacy can be validated, new insights established, and recommendations for future improvements brought forth. ActivityPro consultants can help your organization be recognized as leaders in setting new standards of care.

Experienced and reliable Activity and Leadership professionals are difficult to come by and often a challenge to hire. Let us help you build on your existing staff so you have a solid foundation within your Activity Programs and Management. We will help you create top tier recreation programs, find strengths within your existing staff, and keep turnover low.

Every situation is different, so our approach always depends on your needs.

Call us today so we can create a customized solution for you.