Demo Videos

Demo Videos

ActivityPro co-owner Ron Martyn presents a series of videos demonstrating ActivityPro’s basic features that will save any activity department time and resources. All demonstrations were done on ActivityPro’s web-based software.

Setting Up ActivityPro

This video demonstrates how easy it is to set up and start using ActivityPro in your home.

Recording Resident Activity Scores in ActivityPro

This video demonstrates how easy it is to assess the quality of resident engagement in your home.

Creating Resident Activity Reports in ActivityPro

ActivityPro produces powerful reports that will help you maintain highly relevant and useful documentation for your Activity Program. These reports will save thousands of dollars in paperwork hours and make it very easy to make educated decisions based on data at your fingertips.

Assessing Your Activity Department With ActivityPro

ActivityPro produces detailed reports that help you assess the performance of your Activity Department. Activity Managers and Executive Staff can get an accurate understanding how the department is performing and identify areas of improvement.

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