Residents At Risk Report: Not Just for Finding Risky Residents

ActivityPro users know that the Resident at Risk (RAR) report, located front and center on the dashboard, is one of the most helpful tools available to the department. You are able to set resident engagement benchmarks so that you are constantly and automatically aware of participation rates and the quality of resident engagement. You can monitor the number of times the person attended programs, the number of different domains they participated in, and the average performance score over the previous 30 days- quantity and two measures of quality!

With constant updating of the quality and quantity of resident engagement, this function in ActivityPro ensures that no one is “missed” in terms of engagement in recreation programs, and makes the department look great when others (such as the RAI-MDS Coordinator, or a family member) asks about a resident’s participation levels.

But wait, don’t stop there! This report can be used in other ways for even more tracking, and demonstrating how great you and your staff are doing in terms of programming.

Have you ever wondered how everyone in the home is doing? Or have you ever had anyone ask for a simple report for the entire home? A great way to create such a report is to open the RAR report again, go down to the box called Total Contacts, and select Greater Than or Equal to in the adjacent box. Now change the next box to the number “0”, and then click Search. You are now seeing the engagement numbers for every resident in the Home! This is a fantastic way to quickly show how well you and your colleagues are doing in terms of reaching all your residents.

One final note about your RAR report. Someday you are going to log into ActivityPro and you are going to find the RAR report has disappeared! Don’t panic!! In fact, this means it is time to have a party! The good news is that you don’t have any residents who are at risk, based on the benchmarks your home has established. It’s time to celebrate – for today!

Once the celebration is over, we recommend going into ActivityPro and creating a new RAR report, with even higher levels of engagement! In other words, set the bar a little higher, which will likely trigger some residents to be on the list again. Always remember, what gets measured gets done. By “upping” your standards, you are going beyond previous standards – you are setting new benchmarks for your home – you are demonstrating your excellence as recreation professionals!

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