5 Lovely Activities for Seniors on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a fun time to share love with our friends and family so why not do some extra special activities with your seniors as well? Here are five ideas for Valentine’s Day activities you can do with your residents!

1) Match The Famous Couples
Create a list of 10-20 famous couples (fictional and real) for your residents to match up. Some examples: Romeo and Juliet; Fred Flintstone and Wilma; Prince William and Kate; John Lennon and Yoko Ono… you get the idea! Give each resident a list of the names scrambled in 2 columns and have them match up the couples, one point for each correct answer. Winner gets a prize!

2) Bake Homemade Treats
Bring some homemade treats to share with your residents like cookies and cupcakes or maybe some store bought candy hearts. Concerned about sugar? Try some sugar free treat recipes from the internet or bring in some fresh fruit kabobs for a special treat.

3) Decorate for the Holiday
Have resident’s help create construction paper hearts (the tested and true fold over trick will help create symmetrical hearts), print out some cupid and flower pictures to accent your decorations. Get creative and have fun decorating in red, pink, and white and have your resident’s help!

4) Make Valentine’s Day Cards
Have your residents paint, color, or draw Valentine’s Day pictures on pink, red, and white construction paper for their grandkids, friends, or spouses.

5) Watch Romantic Movies or Rom-Coms with your Residents
Some of your residents may like to revisit an old-time classic like Casablanca (1942) or It Happened One Night (1934) while others may like more modern classics like The Notebook (2004) or Forever My Girl (2017). Search online for “Top Romantic/Comedy Movies” for more ideas.

Whatever activities you choose for your residents be sure to be sensitive to the hardship and sadness this holiday can bring to some people that have lost their significant others. Try to keep the festivities upbeat and positive and focused on a general celebration of love rather than a couples holiday.

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