What Are Your Expected Outcomes?

When creating an new program, you are likely expected to create a program profile, or description. Usually this includes core details, such as program Goals, Procedures (how to run the program) and Requirements (needed equipment, supplies, staff, volunteers, contacts, etc.).

When creating your programs with ActivityPro, or even on paper, the identification of Expected Outcomes is crucial to successful programing. Because ActivityPro allows you to score and prove the quality of resident engagement, selecting expected outcomes (what the residents will be doing in the activity) is essential. When the expected outcomes are identified in advance, the quality and accuracy of staff scoring resident success is excellent. No longer will you see inconsistencies in your staff’s evaluations of resident engagement because the expected outcomes help to keep the scorers focused on specific, measurable outcomes, and avoids more subjective evaluations.

We provide our homes with five sets of expected outcomes, each based on the five  primary domains – Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social and Spiritual. You can do this with software like ActivityPro, or create your own expected outcomes for your programs. While most activities impact multiple domains, keep it simple and choose the domain based on the primary purpose of the program. For example, if you are running a baking program, and the primary purpose is to encourage reminiscing, then expected outcomes from the emotional domain are selected.

When an activity is adapted to accommodate residents with different abilities, then the expected outcomes should be adjusted accordingly. An example would be when a resident is struggling to succeed, you would create a “Modified” version of the activity, and reduce your expectations of what the resident should be able to do by eliminating some of the expected outcomes. In this way, the resident may not be able to do everything that others can, but if they are able to do everything that is within their range of ability, they will score score high.

Of course within ActivityPro, if the library of expected outcomes does not capture all behaviors you are looking for from the residents, you can add additional expected outcomes.

At ActivityPro, we strongly emphasize the importance of developing expected outcomes before launching a program, and ensuring that all staff are aware of what they represent. Research has proven that when expected outcomes are created, and staff score resident engagement and success based on the expected outcomes, accuracy is almost guaranteed. Being able to validate the quality of your data is crucial to demonstrating your residents’ success, your professionalism as a recreationist, and the quality of your entire department.

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